Electromobility is one of the key directions for the energy industry, which has prospects for further growth and will help ensure a low-carbon future. That's why one of our portfolio companies is ENELION Ltd. providing comprehensive solutions for electromobility. 🔋

In an interview in the series SOLUTIONS OF TOMORROW, Krzysztof Wasielewski CEO of Enelion, in a conversation with MamStartup, talked about the future of the automotive industry, the company's plans related to its development and promotion of knowledge about electromobility, as well as its cooperation with PGNiG Ventures, among other things.

Solutions offered by Enelion, such as smart chargers for electric vehicles, charging station management systems or mobile applications for drivers, find thousands of customers in Poland and abroad. We are happy that by supporting the company's development we are adding another brick to building a better, cleaner world. 🍀 🤝

We invite you to read the interview!